Coaching Facilitator Certification Training

Shana certifies individuals, teams and organizations as Certified Facilitators of the EXPEDITION Coaching Program through a 4-day Train-the-Trainer Program. The Train-the-Trainer program is available as an “in-house” option within organizations and/or as a public offering a number of times throughout the year.

See Upcoming Events for the next scheduled sessions.


To become a Certified Facilitator of EXPEDITION Coaching requires completion of a two (2) part process consisting of 32 hours of training. The training process can be completed either in-person or via webinar module training:

The Facilitator Certification process provides flexible options for participants to complete Part 1 and Part 2 of the certification (1) entirely via a 4-day In-Person Training Program, (2) entirely via a 16 Webinar Module Series, or (3) via a combination of in-person and webinar modules.

  • In-person Training: 4-day (32 hour) consisting of Part 1 and Part 2
  • Webinar Training: 16 Webinar Modules (32 hours) consisting of Part 1 and Part 2
  • Combination: 2-day (16 hour) In-person training for Part 1, followed by 8 Webinar Modules (16 hours) for Part 2
(Coaching Skills Training)
(Can be completed via In-Person Training or Webinar Modules – see Upcoming Events for dates)
(Can be completed via In-Person Training or Webinar Modules – see Upcoming Events for dates)
  • Module 1: The Coaching Role
  • Module 2: The GUIDE Coaching Model
  • Module 3: Intentional Listening
  • Module 4: Intentional Questioning
  • Module 5: Coaching through Change
  • Module 6: Coach-Approach to Feedback
  • Module 7: The DIRECT Feedback Model
  • Module 8: Coaching in the Workplace
  • Module 9: Facilitation of The Coaching Role
  • Module 10: Facilitation of The GUIDE Coaching Model
  • Module 11: Facilitation of Intentional Listening
  • Module 12: Facilitation of Intentional Questioning
  • Module 13: Facilitation of Coaching through Change
  • Module 14: Facilitation of Coach-Approach to Feedback
  • Module 15: Facilitation of The DIRECT Feedback Model
  • Module 16: Facilitation of Coaching in the Workplace
Program Objective
The program certifies participants as Certified Facilitators in the Coaching Skills Development Program and equips them to facilitate the program in their own workplace.


Continuing Coach Education Hours
Participants will receive 32 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units through the ICF. CCE application is in progress with the ICF.

Participants will receive the following support and resources:

  • All materials identified under the 2-day program,
  • Certified Facilitator Agreement providing the license to facilitate the 2-day EXPEDITION Coaching™ Program as an internal or external consultant with organizations/clients,
  • Facilitator Guide, Participant Binder, and Powerpoint Slides,
  • Personal copy of custom-produced DVD featuring 10 video clips to support the EXPEDITION Coaching™ Program,
  • Posters of the key models for the classroom,
  • 3-months of follow-up coaching to support your facilitator development,
  • Access to a facilitator web-site with additional resources and materials, and
  • Access to monthly facilitator webinars,
  • internal and external marketing support, and a network of certified facilitators.
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