Coaching Training

Shana and her team facilitate coaching skills development workshops designed to develop and enhance the coaching, communication and change leadership skills of people at all levels within today’s organizations. Shana is the founder and a Master Facilitator of EXPEDITION Coaching™ and a Master Facilitator of The Coaching Clinic and facilitates both programs for clients. The 2-day program is available as an “in-house” option within organizations and/or as a public offering a number of times throughout the year.

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EXPEDITION Coaching® Coaching Skills Training

  • In-Person Training (2 days) --OR--
  • NEW! Webinar (8 Modules)
Complete the 2-day Coaching Skills Development Program entirely via webinar format consisting of eight (8) Modules over an eight-week period.

NOTE: Sessions will be recorded and accessible to participants that are unable to attend the scheduled webinar time.

NOTE: Participants will be eligible to complete the Facilitator Certification via webinar as outlined.

Program Objective
The program enhances the communication, coaching and change leadership skills with people at all levels and equips them to develop a coaching mindset and apply the coach-approach in the workplace.


Continuing Coach Education Hours
Participants will receive 16 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units through the ICF. CCE application is in progress with the ICF

Webinar modules are as follows:

  • Module 1: The Coaching Role
  • Module 2: The GUIDE Coaching Model
  • Module 3: Intentional Listening
  • Module 4: Intentional Questioning
  • Module 5: Coaching through Change
  • Module 6: Coach-Approach to Feedback
  • Module 7: The DIRECT Feedback Model
  • Module 8: Coaching in the Workplace

Participants will receive the following support and resources:

  • Participant Binder and Personal Coaching Action Plan,
  • Laminated GUIDE Coaching™ Model Card that includes five (5) coaching steps with sample key coaching questions,
  • Laminated DIRECT Feedback™ Model Card that includes six (6) steps for providing performance feedback and important tips,
  • Personal Coaching Styles Inventory (PCSI) Assessment,
  • Coaching Resources Workbook and Coaching Resources Listing,
  • Access to webinars scheduled monthly for participants of the EXPEDITION Coaching™ Program featuring key coaching topics, live coaching demonstrations, case studies, activities, question and answer sessions, dialogue and discussion, etc., and
  • Monthly newsletter and coaching tips.
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