The intention of the EXPEDITION Coaching™ Program is to equip managers, supervisors and employees with examples, models and skills to coach people at all levels through the everyday challenges and opportunities faced in today’s ever changing environment. The learning objectives include:

  • Discover coaching as a learning tool designed to facilitate thinking, creativity, and problem solving in the workplace
  • Develop a coaching mindset
  • Distinguish between two perspectives of coaching in the workplace: (1) Development, and (2) Performance
  • Create the conditions for coaching focused on building a trusting relationship
  • Examine your intentions (agenda) in coaching conversations
  • Identify coaching opportunities in the workplace with people at all levels
  • Develop foundational coaching skills: Intentional Listening and Intentional Questioning
  • Apply the 5-step GUIDE Coaching™ Model in real-life coaching situations
  • Gain awareness of your coaching style in action and opportunities to enhance
  • Develop enhanced feedback skills: Developmental Feedback, Acknowledgments, and Performance Feedback
  • Apply the 6-step DIRECT Feedback™ Model in-real-life coaching situations found in the workplace
  • Explore coaching as a strategic change leadership and engagement tool
  • Apply the GUIDE Coaching™ Model and the DIRECT Feedback™ Model to leading change in the workplace

Participants will walk away with the skills, knowledge and ability to successfully apply the coach- approach in the workplace immediately.