Features: GUIDE Coaching Model

GUIDE Coaching™ Model – focused on development and supporting people to identify their own goals, develop their own solutions, and achieve personal success. The GUIDE Coaching™ Model has five (5) steps that are designed to move people in alignment with the coachee’s goals.

Participants of the EXPEDITION Coaching™ Program are provided with a GUIDE Coaching™ Model laminated card. Examples of Intentional Coaching Questions are listed on the back the card to support participants in holding coaching conversations:

The practical 5-Step GUIDE Coaching™ Model uses an Intentional Questioning process to facilitate the coachee’s thinking, problem solving and creativity to support their learning journey to success:
  1. GOAL supports the coachee to identify their own goals and objectives;
  2. UNDERSTAND supports the coachee to gain understanding, awareness and clarity;
  3. INSIGHT supports the coachee to develop insight, ideas and solutions;
  4. DESIGN supports the coachee to design their action plan;
  5. ENABLE supports and enables the coachee to take action to achieve their goal.

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