Features: DIRECT Feedback Model

DIRECT Feedback™ Model – focused on performance and providing performance feedback, setting expectations and achieving organizational results. The DIRECT Feedback™ Model has six (6) steps that are designed to move people forward in alignment with the manger’s organizational goals.

Participants of the EXPEDITION Coaching™ Program are provided with a DIRECT Feedback™ Model laminated card. Tips for providing performance feedback and Coaching Relationship Compass are listed on the back of the card to support participants in providing performance feedback:

The practical 6-Step DIRECT Feedback™ Model provides a practical and focused approach for providing performance feedback. The model incorporates a coach-approach to support the coachee to develop their own solution:
  1. DATA focuses on providing the specific, observed behaviour;
  2. IMPACT focuses on communicating the impact to the organization;
  3. REQUIREMENT focuses on setting the performance expectations;
  4. EXPLORE provides the opportunity for the coachee to develop a solution and action plan through coaching;
  5. COMMITMENT focuses on gaining commitment to an action plan;
  6. TRACK focuses on a process to monitor, track and follow-up.

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