OBJECTIVE:  The program enhances the communication, coaching and change leadership skills with people at all levels and equips them to develop a coaching mindset and apply the coach-approach in the workplace.
DATE: May 6-7, 2019 (2-days) 2018
COST: $995.00

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Participants will receive the following support and resources:

  • Participant Binder and Personal Coaching Action Plan,
  • Laminated GUIDE Coaching® Model Card that includes five (5) coaching steps with sample key coaching questions,
  • Laminated DIRECT Feedback® Model Card that includes six (6) steps for providing performance feedback and important tips,
  • Workplace Styles Assessment (WSA),
  • Coaching Resources Workbook and Coaching Resources Listing,
  • Access to webinars scheduled monthly for participants of the EXPEDITION Coaching™ Program featuring key coaching topics, live coaching demonstrations, case studies, activities, question and answer sessions, dialogue and discussion, etc., and
  • Monthly newsletter and coaching tips.