Sherri Stephanson (Certified Facilitator)

Sherri Stephanson is a Certified Facilitator of the EXPEDITION Coaching® Program.

After a career in Pre-K to 12 Education, Sherri continues to pursue areas of her previous work for which she was most passionate. Her experience includes succeeding as a teacher, school administrator as well as thirteen years as a senior school division leader, devoting the last ten years to working as a human resources superintendent. Much of her superintendent experience included working in a school division where coaching was foundational to the staff supervision program. Her areas of passion include leadership development, mentorship, coaching, facilitation of training and development, staff induction and supervision, and First Nations and Métis Education. Her facilitation skills demonstrate a strong knowledge and understanding of effective staff development and adult learning practices. She has demonstrated successful leadership in building cohesive and collaborative team cultures including mutually beneficial labour management strategies.

Sherri has a Bachelor and Master of Education from the University of Saskatchewan and a Certificate in Conflict Resolution – Negotiation from the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

At present, Sherri is a sessional lecturer in the College of Education, University of Regina, co-instructing courses in the area of Human Resources in Educational Administration, and providing consultative services in a variety of areas of educational and leadership development. Sherri believes in the power of coaching people to enhance their leadership capacity and to find creative solutions from within themselves. Building ‘coaching cultures’ where teams use coaching, as a foundational part of their work together is another exciting aspect of Sherri’s work.

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