Sandra McDowell

Sandra McDowell is a Certified Facilitator of the EXPEDITION Coaching Program.

Sandra has extensive communication, marketing, coaching and leadership experience. She has studied Marketing, attained a Master of Arts in Leadership, and received a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) designation. She was a past recipient of the Credit Union Central of Canada’s National Young Leaders Award, and a World Council of Credit Union’s Young Leader Award. Sandra is certified to facilitate Expedition Coaching® and Legacy Leadership® Workshops for small or large groups.

Sandra is passionate about leadership development, coaching, corporate culture and employee engagement. Sandra shares this passion within her organization, and externally through speaking and workshops. As a senior leader for a Credit Union since 1999, she understands the complexity of the challenges that executives face. As VP of Communications & Culture, some of her most recent corporate responsibilities include collaboration to develop a culture of relationship building, internal coaching, and leadership development.

Sandra has served as an executive board member for a national marketing association, co-chair of a National Young Leaders Task Force, and currently serves as a lead partner for the local Success by Six initiative. She is described by others as being inspirational, heartfelt, thought-provoking, and someone who makes things happen. She ‘shows up’ as a leader and a coach with vibrancy and tenacity for accomplishment.

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